From the beginner to the professional, I hope this site will give you tips and tricks of using polymer clay; it is a great hobby. It may even get you interested in modelling.

I started three years ago. In the beginning the objects were less sophisticated, but lateron they improved considerably. I call them "Fimo-frutsels". It's nice to work with Fimo and Creall-therm because you can buy them in several colours and textures. You can use them together to create a "piece of art".
picture of Marsupilami kids, 50rpicture of jungle queen, 43rpicture of wizard, 172r

From the beginning I was interested in making all sorts of (funny) animals and decorated them with flowers and plants.

I am using all sorts of things: polystyrene objects (i.e. balls), natural material, waste products (glass, tins and cans).
The castle of the Wizard and the body of the Jungle Queen are made of a polystyrene object covered with aluminium foil (this is to prevent it from shrinking too much). The cave of the Marsupilami kids was made using a polystyrene ball, not covered with aluminium foil because it had to shrink (see also page: Materials).

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