This is my first attempt to make a website of my own. It took me one week to write the Dutch version, it took me two evenings to build the English version. It is however smaller than the Dutch one.
There are now (17 February 2003) about 70 pages in four languages.

I have used Netscape Communicator 4.7 (Composer and Navigator), Dutch version.
Furthermore, we made pictures using a Sony videocamera, type TRV-20 and two digital cameras (Nytech and Minolta). The pictures are cropped and resized using MGI Photosuite II SE and version 4.
It was an easy programm to obtain the desired results. My 19 inch screen was set in 1024 x 768, but can also be viewed at 800 x 600 (or higher).

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Best regards,                                                   Els Bleijenberg-Pauwelsen/The Netherlands

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